The Idaho Family and Consumer Sciences Educator Association, Inc (IFCS) strives to promote and provide opportunities for continual personal and professional development so that Family and Consumer Science educators can prepare individuals for life and work, strengthen families, and support communities. 

The purposes of IFCS are 

  • to align with cooperative organizations and associations such as Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), Career and Technical Educators of Idaho (CTEI), and the National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences  (NATFCS), and other organizations, as appropriate, that are concerned with family life and career preparation.
  • to cultivate cooperative opportunities for FCS teachers to further the progress of Idaho FCS programs through the exchange of ideas, expectations, and resources.
  • to encourage and promote enhanced understanding of the value of FCS programs to communities, employers, families, schools, and students.
  • to facilitate the teaching of workplace readiness skills through FCS cluster programs and industry aligned pathways.
  • to interact with policymakers to aid in the improvement and support of CTE education and FCS programs as an avenue to improve the quality of life for students and their families.
  • to offer a platform for group expression and action dealing with key issues related to FCS.
  • to promote pre-service and in-service professional development opportunities for FCS educators.
  • to support professionalism through leadership development, program improvement, policy advocacy related to FCS and CTE, and networking.

Our contact for Membership is Breana Arnell, Treasurer at Dues are $20 annually.

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